NEW Collection Camaleón – KUO’S Nails

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23 octubre, 2016
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NEW Collection Camaleón – KUO’S Nails


? NEW COLLECTION ENAMELS AND GEL POLISH KUO’S Professional ? #CamaleónCollection ??
Colour changing nail polish

Is impossible to imagine a summer without heat with colours that provides KUO’S Professional in its new collection #Camaleón.
You move into this wonderful colour palette based textures and fashion tissues that change colour according to temperature.

Now enamels change colour depending on the temperature!

These funny enamels will give you a great answer, for change colour depending on your body temperature.

What colors are available? ? ? ? ?
Soon you will know much more than each of these charming nail polish!!

You may also wear them on your toenails and the effect is the same. Also available #GelPolish ?

Available soon:

Do you have your favorite colour? Leave a comment ?
Soon you will know more of each of these enamels irresistible!


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