Face cream sun protection 30FPS 30ml.

Face cream sun protection 50+FPS 30ml.

Face cream very high or medium sunscreen, with innovative filters that don’t let the white skin after application. Its texture is creamy and smooth which facilitates the application of the product. Contains anti-wrinkle active ingredients that protect, moisturize and prevent premature aging produced by the sun’s rays, in addition to improving the tone of tan. Specially formulated to perform activities to outdoor, must bear in mind that sunscreen is always essential. By be waterproof avoids the loss of the product with the sweat, eliminating the annoying itching in the eyes during the practice of sport. Ideal for all sports included the triathlon and swimming, in addition to being a perfect partner for our days of field or beach. Can be used it as a maintenance daily in depigmentation treatments or renewing thanks to its high protection. Can be used from 3 years. Product free of parabens.


 INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply on face and neck by performing a soft massage until its total absorption. In long exposures to sunlight we can put several times.


-Vitamin E: Fat-soluble vitamin that acts as antioxidant delaying them signs of the aging. Regenerating of the tissues.

-Panthenol: Pro-vitamin B5 that is absorbed by the skin is transformed into vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid). Penetrate very well through the pore pilosebaceous, giving place to a repairing action of the dermis. Also has a moisturizing action.

-Protection UVA, UVB e IF.

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