1. Clean our hands and the hand of the client.
  2. Push and remove the cuticle. Pass very soft polisher buffer for the natural nail.
  3. Clean or remove the nail powder.
  4. Apply lotion – Nail prepare- to prepare to dehydrate the nail.
  5. Apply Primer without acid.
  6. Apply Gel Polish Base-Top and dry LED lamp in 5 seconds and in UV lamp in 1 minute.
  7. Apply the first coat of colour. Dry UV lamp in 2 minutes (in Led lamp, 20 seconds).
  8. Apply the second coat of colour. Dry UV lamp in 2 minutes (in Led lamp, 20 seconds).
  9. Apply Gel Base-Top, as a high finisher glitter and dry 2 minutes in UV lamp (Led lamp 30 seconds). At the end, wait for it to cool down and pass a square of cotton impregnated with cleansing lotion to remove sticky layer.
  10. Apply cuticles oil.



  1. Pass a buffer polisher or lime to remove the layer of glitter, in this way, will create porosity and facilitate the action of the remover.
  2. Wet a cotton well soaked with Remover Solution, wrap each finger and cover it with aluminium foil.
  3. Leave 10 minutes exposure.
  4. Remove the aluminium foil and cottons. Using an orange stick remove the edge and then it will all Gel polish perfectly.
gel polish-paso -kuos

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