The flaccidity and the cellulite are a problem of every day. The current lifestyle, poor eating habits and little practical sports, make more and more people suffer from the so-called orange peel.
The cellulite and the flaccidity are not only unique problem to the women. On one hand, we must solve the orange peel and on the other hand, correct their lack of elasticity and reduce the number of fat cells. The assets included in Kuo’s anti-cellulite creams act by promoting microcirculation, draining of fluids and toxins.

Fibroblasts, when compressed, fail to produce collagen and, even worse, produce inflammatory reactions that stimulate the production of collagen, an enzyme which destroys collagen and facilitate the appearance of orange peel. When fibroblasts are free in the tissue and without any tightness, stimulate and produce collagen.

Ritual Anti-Cellulite - KUO'S Professional

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