Moisturizing and Firming Line

Collagen is a protein in the skin that deteriorates with age, especially after age 30 or earlier if they are not maintained special care.

Without the help and presence of collagen fibers, the skin loses elasticity, smoothness and firmness.
This protein is located between the skin and muscles, and constitutes almost 30% of the total protein content of the human body, so that its presence is critical for the skin condition both the face and body.

Its fibers are normally smooth and disposed in parallel, increasing sensibility outwards over time. This encourages and directly influences skin aging and appearance of the wrinkles. Therefore, cosmetic treatments using collagen are essential to combat the harsh aging process and delay its effects on the skin.

Its main purpose is to renew the connective tissues, strengthening the capacity of hydration and water retention inside the cells. A great advantage of collagen is its full compatibility with the skin cells and their assimilation by all type of skins, even sensitive.


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