KUO’S Nails


Kuo’s offers all the necessary products to make any service and nail care. Will find a rainbow of colours inexhaustible where your imagination will have no limits. Always with the most advanced materials for care and beauty of the nails, natural ingredients and meet the most revolutionary and advanced techniques to make artificial nails.

Kuo’s is a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of cosmetic products. Work, perseverance and experience allow us to be at the top of the market, always offering high quality products and an excellent service.

Kuo’s has a highly qualified team that works closely with its customers, through constant communication, offering training, technical and commercial assistance at all times.

On the other hand, Kuo’s continuously invests in research and development to create new products that satisfy the needs of the market, always respecting the environment.


I + D + I

The main objective of the company, obtain cosmetics with active principles of highly effective and natural, caring for the environment in all manufacturing processes. Currently all manufactured cosmetics in kuo’s are free of parabens, so we have a cosmetic that cares even more the health of our clients. Innovation is the result of this work which so much effort are dedicated.



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