We associate the SPA concept to those salons that offer treatments, therapies or relaxation systems.

In a Spa Center, we are not only looking for rest, relaxation or recreation. With our Rituals of Beauty we can take our time to our skin care, moisturizing it, regenerating it and besides all this, in a Ritual also produce such state of relaxation and well being that you will provide us physical and mental regeneration finding a perfect balance. The relaxation is much more, is a state of consciousness that is looking for voluntary and freely in order to perceive the higher levels that a human being can reach, calm, peace, happiness, joy.

Our aim is that any user of our therapies have a visible result at the minimum time that lasts a treatment, taking home the effect you are looking to being long-lasting.
Diagnosis of the skin, needs study, application of the most appropriate therapy for your skin using a combination of cosmetics with high concentrations of active principles, should not be forgotten that a treatment is completed with a proper maintenance at home.

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