KUO’S crée pour toi et avec toi une ligne dédiée aux amants du sport d’endurance et outdoor.


La forte hydratation de la crème comme la photoprotecction avancée UVA, UVB e IF, aide à garder la peau en bon état, en évitant le vieillissement prématuré.


L’effectivité et les bénéfices des crèmes qui récupèrent ont servi pour qu’aussi bien les sportifs de haut niveau que les sportifs amateurs les valorisent très positivement.


KUO’S Sun Protection, une crème d’haute protection (SPF 30 o 50+), est formulée spécialement pour éviter la déshydratation cutanée dans les climats extrêmes.


La crème solaire sportive facteur FPS 50+ Vitale pour se protéger des températures élevées et de l’exposition solaire

Disfruta solo de lo bueno del sol

La montaña es uno de los principales destinos de ocio en invierno. La combinación de la exposición de la piel al frío intenso, la altitud y los rayos solares, hacen necesario que esto requiera una protección exclusiva. KUO’S Sun Protection, una crema de alta protección (FPS 30 o 50+), especialmente formulada para evitar la deshidratación de la piel en climas extremos. La alta hidratación de la crema añadida al foto-protección UVA, UVB e IF, infrarrojo, ayuda a mantener la piel en buen estado previniendo su foto-envejecimiento prematuro.

Disfrute de días en la montaña practicando las diversas modalidades de los deportes alpinos, ya no será un problema.

Especialmente indicado para pieles que realizan actividades al aire libre.

¿Por qué usar protector solar en la nieve?

Únete a Protección Solar definitiva KUO’S

Protector solar deportivo con factor SPF 50+ ¡Necesario para protegerlo de altas temperaturas y exposiciones al sol!

Es imprescindible aplicar este producto antes de un entrenamiento o competición para evitar daños, porque no tiene control de factores externos como el sol o rayos peligrosos UVA, UVB e IF. Por esta razón, es extremadamente importante llevar la mochila nuestra protección solar deportiva de alta protección que ha sido diseñado especialmente para la práctica de deportes al aire libre.


KUO’S is a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of professional cosmetics, always offering high quality products and an excellent service.
On the other hand, KUO’S invests continuously in research and development to create new products that satisfy the needs of the market, respecting always the environment. Currently all those cosmetics manufactured in KUO’S are Free of Parabens, by what have a cosmetic that cares even more the health of our customers. Innovation is the result of this work which so much effort are dedicated.


In KUO’S we are passionate about the sport, that we know, firsthand, what are the needs of those who practice this type of disciplines.

In KUO’S we know the sacrifice that implies the physical preparation of this type of sporting events and the importance of skin care before, during and after exercise.

KUO’S commitment to high performance sport with formulations that meet the demanding needs of these disciplines.

In KUO’S we know that… you are looking for your limits, you must have the maximum and not to leave anything to chance.


Almost all IMPORTANT MOMENTS OF OUR LIFE ARE TO OUTDOORS, the sun transmits energy, health, joy, regeneration physical and mental finding a perfect balance in our life. Each time more our image acquires greater importance in the society in which live, a care body conveys health and well-being, that also configures a part important of our personality.


As all know, to avoid injury is necessary that heated muscles before train, of the same way that also is essential that pay special attention to the recovery back of the exercise. Although exercises such as stretching or smooth trot is necessary, the application of recovery creams after exercise will help you in the recovery of muscles and joints.

The effectiveness and the benefits of recovery creams have been valued by elite athletes and amateur athletes. In addition, have been backed by great number of professional of the physiotherapy, that they recommended especially after a training intense.

SPORT VASELINE: With high resistance to water and sweat

Ideal for sports, great protection for the skin. Ideal lubricant for athletes, since it protects the skin from possible irritations caused by friction caused by sports or physical activity.

Sports in which its application is advised: All that can have friction with clothes or the own skin.


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