What protecting use in the snow? What sun protection factor?

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28 diciembre, 2015
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What protecting use in the snow? What sun protection factor?

What protecting use in the snow? What sun protection factor?

Both skiing and snowboarding is the star sport in winter. Exercise, contact with nature and adrenaline, make snow sports are increasingly popular, but is also one of the most dangerous for facial skin practices.

We usually associate burns with the heat and the beach, but the high mountain hides more severe skin lesions. With the cold do not realize it, but the unforgiving powerful UVB radiation damages the DNA of skin cells, develops skin cancer and the best, it produces its accelerated aging.

Why use sunscreen in the snow

The mountain is where the sun affects our skinprotector-solar-facial-kuos

We have already seen some of the tips to care and protect the skin from the cold, and avoid dehydration skins suffer in this season, especially the most sensitive or dry. If you are also planning to spend a few days in the snow, you have to know that the mountain is where the sun affects our skin, height, white snow and interestingly, the lack of pollution.

  • Altitude. 1,000 meters in height is increased by 15% the damaging effect of sunlight. In addition, winter skin is more susceptible to attack from solar radiation, which cause sunburn and increase the chances of cancer. Therefore, from KUO’S Professional, we emphasize the importance of protecting good sunlight and we give you some tips for what you do effectively.
  • Reflected radiation. Sun exposure 80% with snow intensifies, compared to 5% in the grass, 10% in water and 25% in the white sand.
  • Clouds and pollution. Cloud cover and pollution of cities such as Madrid retain UVB radiation, both the thicker, but the mountain is very different. It is estimated that only 10% of the radiation is filtered by clouds, so they provide a false sense of protection. This “invisible sun” is usually responsible for unexpected sunburn.
    Water droplets on the skin. Dry well snowmelt on your skin, “magnifying effect” of the drops of water favors minora sunburn and the effectiveness of sunscreens.
    All these effects make it essential to use sunscreen product, its mission is to absorb or reflect sunlight on the skin, just what you need to be protected.

Tips for proper sunscreen.

You must choose a protective or sunscreen with SPF higher level of your usual and aplicártelo at least 20 minutes before exposure.

protector-solar-corporal-kuosIf snow will you play sports, like skiing or snowboarding, use sunscreens for athletes, which are water resistant and have a more comfortable format fluid.

Pay special attention to applying sunscreen on nose, ears and cheeks, because they are the areas that stand out and can burn more easily. And also beware neck or hands!

Do not forget either the right lip sunscreen, as it is one of the most delicate areas of our body, and they may lose their hydration and cracking, causing painful wounds. In this case, repeat the application whenever necessary, especially after sweating or if the clothes have come in contact with your lips, and avoid wetting his lips with saliva, since we are more permeable and more easily resected.

In addition, after a day in the snow, we recommend that in addition to your daily facial creams, pay attention to the eye area. Why? You know that this is one of the most sensitive areas of your face, which suffers especially during a day in the snow.

As mentioned, the sun reflects off the snow, blinding, and forcing us to squint. In addition to using a good pair, at the end of the day, and before going to sleep, use eye contour that moisturise the area well and avoid the appearance of wrinkles.

Last tips …

Outside, team up with scarves, hats and gloves to avoid temperature changes, very harmful to the skin.
Inside, humidity increases with humidifiers or wet towels, to prevent dehydration of the skin. Remember to drink plenty of fluids and apply moisturizing cream very often as necessary.
Apply your sunscreen 20 minutes before exposure.
Do not forget to use a suitable sunscreen on your lips, and avoid moisten with saliva.
also protects the ears and hands with protective caps or photo and gloves as they are very vulnerable to cold areas.
For more information you can write to info@kuos.es or call 96 581 40 89.

And do not forget to leave your questions in comments!

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